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Beledweyn main roads on construction after the floods effects of Shabelle River

Storyline:National News

Hiiraan regional administration in collaboration with the business community and various community groups have started repairing the main roads leading to Beledweyn town.

A renovation of the road to Beledweyn, which comes from the west of the city, is reflected in the impact of Shabelle River floods.

Hiran Governor, Abdullahi Ahmed Maalin, and Beledweyn Governor Mohamed Osman Abdi, who oversaw the repatriation of the road, said that the roads of beledweyn town will come back to normal in the next coming few days.

They also added that they will also take great efforts to rebuild all the damaged roads in beledweyn town so that the business movement of the town will be as usual before the flooding effects.

Shabelle River flooded when it hit the city of Beledweyn where it all destroyed roads that were important for public transportions.

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