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Beledweyn residents preparing the event for 1st July

Storyline:National News

Beledweyn, Hiraan region in the middle Shabelle of Somalia is currently undergoing the latest preparations for the 1st July the independence of Somalia as it was after the colonial independence of the south and united of the north and south regions of Somalia.

The majority of the people in the town want to take this day very seriously.

Some residents of the town told Goobjoog News that the Somali people should celebrate independence, and introduce young people to the value of these days.

The Independence Day of Somalia is a national holiday observed annually in Somalia on July 1. The date celebrates the unification of the Trust Territory of Somalia(the former Italian Somalia) and the State of Somaliland (former British Somaliland) on July 1, 1960, they come united and formed the Somali Republic.

Across the country, the event will celebrate the first July.

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