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Beledweyne general hospital on the verge of closure due to shortage of medicine

Storyline:Science & Tech

The administration of Beledweyne general hospital in Hiran region stated that the hospital is facing severe shortage of medicine and all other medical facilities that might lead to the shutdown of the hospital’s activities

The director of the hospital Dr. Ahmed Khalif speaking to Goobjoog FM described the situation of the hospital as very critical.

He added that most important sections of the hospital like maternity ward, operation room, in-patient department are not functioning now since MSF withdrew from the country last year.

The director reiterated that all the workers were working voluntary as the hospital cannot afford to pay to their salaries.

The general hospitals serves many people in central Somalia, its closure will be a big blow to the residents of these areas.

He urged the federal government of Somalia, business people and international aid agencies to take immediate action to support the hospital.

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