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Benadir administration welcomes the formation of national youth parliament

Storyline:National News

Benadir regional administration welcomed the formation of national youth parliament formed in Mogadishu.

Adan Mohamed Guled aka Aka Geel the deputy governor of Benadir administration said it is a step forward for Somali youth to have national parliament adding that the administration is proud of the move.

“The formation of national youth parliament will enable the youth to display their potential talents of spear heading developments throughout the country” He said.

“The members of the national youth parliament will be a role model to all youth in the country so as to prevent security threats and double the developmental activities” He added.

The First Somali Youth Parliament has been formed and held its first session in Mogadishu on Thirsday last week after much deliberations and preparations for close to two months.

The parliament consists of 275 members who are between the ages of 16 and 30.

They are all drawn from universities in Somalia.