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Benadir court of appeal: Somali nationals cannot be detained more 48 hours

Storyline:National News

The Court of Appeal in Banadir region has commented on Somali nationals detained for more than 48 hours without trial.

The head of Banadir’s court of appeal Hassan Mohamed Moalim  speaking to Goobjoog  FM said its unacceptable for the rights of Somali national be violated and cannot be detained without being told why he/she is under custody.

“According to the Constitution the person has to know why he/she is detained, the person the right to  hire a lawyer” The chairman said.

Similarly the chairman said the law stipulate that no one can be detained for more than more forty-eight (48) hours.

“ It is unconstitutional for any citizen to be under detention for more than forty-eight hours” he added.

“Citizens have the right to defend themselves, the law does not necessarily support torture and forcing nationals to plead guilty over crimes” Mr. Moalim noted.

Finally the chairman called the public to collaborate judicial agencies so as to prevent the difficulties and violations Somali nationals regularly face.