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Benadir Governor Discards the Population Estimation Survey Report Launched By Ministry of Planning

Storyline:National News

Benadir Governor and the mayor of Mogadishu, Hassan Mohamed Hussein (Mungaab) said that Population Estimation Survey Report launched by ministry of planning together with United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is inaccuracy and beyond reasonable level.

Press statement from the governor’s office state that the Population Estimation survey about Mogadishu’s population is far from the fact and is not accurate.
“There are 3400000 people living in Mogadishu therefore it seems that the ministry for planning has no information about the number of people in the capital city of Somalia” the statement highlights
The governor said “We have launched Neighbourhood Watch Program which was intended to improve the security and in that process we have made every ten houses to have chairperson who would be paid by Mogadishu local government therefore we are the right ones to be asked about the people of the city but it is not right , the ministry to neglect the accurate number of residents living in here”
“Somali ministry for planning has to consultation with the public but not to use Satellite Imagery and it is unacceptable to lie about the number of residents in Mogadishu” he said.