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Benadir governor Donates 12000 USD to Somali Refugees repatriation process

Storyline:National News

Benadir governor and Mogadishu Mayor, Hassan Mohamed Hussein who contacted to Goobjoog News has welcomed the  fund raising program for Somalis and Yemen people who are fleeing from Yemen violence.
The governor has commended Goobjoog News which launched Gurmad and Gargaar campaign intended to help Somalis trapped in Yemen and it is also lively airing the fund raising program.

Muungaab has pledged to donate $12000 US dollars, which will be his two month salaries.

The fund will be used for evacuation process and resettling of the returnees.

Somalia Refugee Rescue Committee are now live on Goobjoog FM raising funds, to donate, please call them on 0616564444, 0615525758, 061707355

Yemen became home for ferocious fighting between the internationally recognized government and the Houthis, who have taken control of large swaths of Yemen.
The brawl claimed thousands of lives and displaced hundreds of thousands including Yemenis and Somali refugees who escaped the conflict and hardships in their country before civil war eruption in Yemen.
Since 1st April, 5523 of Somali refugees started to return home