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Bodyguard of army commander kills a local resident in Buur-Hakaba

Storyline:National News





A local resident of Buur-Hakaba district has been killed by one of the bodyguards of the commander of government forces in the town.
Keerow Issak, a close relative of the deceased told Goobjoog News that the man was killed deliberately as he was riding his donkey-cart in Bur-Hakaba market.

Mr. Keerow accused the commander for issued the order to kill the man.

“The man who was from the countryside heading to sell firewood fetched from the jungle, as he was approaching to the government forces, he was asked to stop but did not hear order properly therefore the commander granted his soldiers to kill my brother” Keerow said.

On the other side, the administration Bur-Haba expressed over concern the killing and pledged that the murderer will be brought to the justice.
Buur-Hakaba deputy commissioner, Hussein Maankalow speaking to Goobjoog FM said killer is not the government soldier legally but he is somehow related to the commander that is why he was allowed join the government forces in a nepotism way.

Maankalow confirmed that perpetrator was arrested by the security forces.