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Boqor Osman Accuses Both Somalia And Somaliland Being Insincere About The Talks

Storyline:National News





A Well-know traditional elder, Boqor Osman Buur-Madow who gave exclusive interview to Goobjoog FM has noted that it could have been better if traditional elders were given chance to take part in Somalia-Somaliland talks as they know culture and solving disputes better.
“The traditional elders are well-respected in Somali society and that they are capable of solving the disputes and problems within their society” Osman said.
He commended the resumption of the talks saying “It is good to negotiate but both sides are not negotiating sincerely because they could have solved these long termed misunderstandings”.
He also Somali government of Somali for lugging everything behind rather than looking solution for its people and called upon the government of Somalia.