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Breaking : At Least 6 Die after Alshabab Attacks in Baidao

Storyline:National News

Alshabab fighters have launched a brazen day light attack on the presidency of South West State, detonating explosives and also engaging fierce fighting with AMISOM peacekeepers at the gates of the presidency.

6 people have been confirmed die including the attackers and at least one foreign aid worker.

The attackers couldn’t breach the gates and were repelled before they could enter the seat of the government where high ranking officials are believed to be holed up.

According to eye witnesses, the attackers tried to access the president through an alley way with an adjacent house, but faces stiff resistance from attentive Ethiopian guards.

The whereabouts of President Sharif Sheik Hassan is not known at the time of the attack.

The situation is calm now but troops have massed around the area, all indications are that an operation could soon begin in the aftermath of the attacks.

Its first such attack since Sharif Hassan took at the helm.

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