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Legendary Somali journalist, Awke dies in Jig-Jiga Ethiopia

Storyline:National News

Former BBC Somali service and former Siyad Barre press service journalist died from an asthma attack last night in Jig-jiga, the administrative capital  of Zone-five Ethiopia, the family has confirmed.

A family member said he had suffered the attack last night and was taken to hospital where died.

“After we have seen his condition was continuing to deteriorate we took him hospital where he died” his sister Anab Hassan Awke said.

He had been BBC Somali service Newscaster for more than a decade before he moved to VOA Somali service.

 As a journalist, he was credited to be a responsible and professional journalist. He has been in the media for over 20 years.

BBC African Affairs editor Mary Harper praised Awke as an established journalist whose works touched millions of Somalis and non Somalis.

“He had the deepest most golden of voices, loved by millions of Somalis and non Somalis all over the world. He also had the most extraordinary sense of humour,” said Harper