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Breaking News: Hundreds Demonstrate Against Government Soldiers in Jowhar

Storyline:National News

jowharA massive demonstration has been staged by the residents of Jowhar in that town which it halted the movement of people and business actives in the town, sources confirm.

The protestors who footed from Howl-wadag suburb have waving placards as they shoot wards against government soldiers.

The protest came after one of the government soldiers allegedly killed a public driver in Howl-wadaag suburb of Jowhar town.

One of the protestors said many irate people went out of their workplace to demonstrate against the action of the soldier who killed the drivers as they urged the government to take the soldiers before the law.

“Many believe that the administration to arrest the soldiers who killed the civilians day after day” said of a protestor who decline his name.

Reports say the shops and malls were shut down in fear violence might erupt between the protesting and government soldiers in the town.

The security of the town was tightened by the government forces and the movement of public and private vehicles were curtailed.

The cases of killed people by government soldiers are increasing rapidly, earlier this month a government soldier has shot dead pregnant women in the town.

The woman who was a businesswoman was famous in the areas and the incident happened in her business premises in the town.

Though the real motive is not yet known, reports say that the soldier has killed the lady after she argued with him over illegal charges which the lady refused to pay.