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Breaking News: President Of South-West State Finalizes His Cabinet

Storyline:National News

The president of South-West State Shariif Hassan Adan has finalized the cabinet members of his government on Tuesday.
The president read the list of the new cabinet members at a vibrant ceremony held in the presidential palace of South-West which was attended by ministers, politicians, elders and members of civil society.
Fatumas Omar Abuu, Minister for women and family affairs
Abdullahi Adan Balch, minister for air transport and airports
Madoobe Nuunow Mohamed, minister for veterinary
Mohamud Hussein Aliyow, minister for fisheries and marine resources
Abdullahi Ahmed Mohamed, minster for works and reconstruction
State minsters
1. MohamedAbdullhi Mursal, State minister for presidential
2. Ahmed Abdullahi Hussein, State minister for justice
3. Ismail Adan diriye, State minister for finance
4. Saiida Sheikh, State cooperation
5. Mohamed Abdi Adan, State minister for interior and local government
6. Mohamed Shiekh, State minister for security
Assistant ministers
1. Jibril Shiekh, deputy minister for justice
2. Adan Mohamed Osman, deputy minister for religious affairs
3. Jibril Mohamed Adan, deputy minister for education
4. Mohamed Hajji, deputy minister for planning
5. Hussein Ali Haji, deputy minister for interior and local government
6. Aweys Hussein Moalim, deputy minister for agriculture
7. Ahmed Osman Ahmed, deputy minister for energy and petroleum
8. Aabea Aawow Suufi Hajji Afaan, deputy minister for information
9. Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, deputy minister for higher education
10. Adan Maamow, deputy Minister for environment
11. Abuukar Moalim Ali, deputy minister commerce
12. Abdikadir Noor, deputy minister for youth and sports
13. Mohamed Olow Gaani, deputy minister for Disable people