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BREAKING NEWS: Sheikh Mukhtar Robow finally defects

Storyline:National News, Politics

Breaking News: Sheikh Mukhtar Robow finally defects to Southwest State administration as confirmed by the state presidential spokesperson Nuradin Ga’ma.

Last week there was a bitter fight between Shiekh Mukhtar Robow and Ashabab fighters in Abal location, Bakool region that took almost two consecutive days though Robow repelled the attack. He later got military support from Southwest State which boosted his stance and made Alshabab to retreat completely

Robow was declared wanted terrorist by the US in June 2012 with a $5 million bounty placed on his head. However he defected from Al-Shabaab in 2013 when he was deputy leader in 2012. The State Department announced in June this year it had withdrawn the award on Robow.

More to follow!

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