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Breaking News: Somalia’s  Parliament session ends in chaos

Storyline:National News

Monday parliament building








The session of Somali parliament turned chaotic after the members of federal parliament against the motion shredded the attendance register and disabled the loud speakers in the hall to disrupt the session.

The agenda of today’s session was the distribution of the no confidence motion against Somali premier Abdiweli Sheikh, two previous sessions ended fruitless after members against the motion blocked the distribution.

Before the arrival of the speaker some copies of the no confidence motion was distributed to members of parliament, the MPs against the motion tore up their copies.

The speaker of the federal parliament Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari entered the hall, at once the MPs started shouting and screaming.

Mr. Jawari announced that the session is open and walked out of the hall immediately, he returned straight to his office. Most of the MPs on their side walked out the hall.

Some of the MPs contacted by Goobjoog FM state that no motion distributed in the parliament today claiming that according to the internal of procedures of the parliament the agenda has to be read first followed by the distribution of the motion noting something of that sort  has not happened.

The next move cannot be predicted and the members of two camps are planning to hold separate meetings in the capital.