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Breaking News: Speaker Jawari walks out of the meeting hall

Storyline:National News

save the nation







Today’s parliament session has once more turned chaotic after the MPs against the motion started singing national song on speaker’s arrival at the meeting hall.

The speaker asked the MPs to maintained order but the singing persisted and finally he walked out of the hall to his office.

Some of the MPs are carrying placards with slogans  like Save the nation, Somali democracy and other words.

The members of the parliament are now taking discussions in small groups and the next move cannot be predicted.

Goobjoog reporters in the parliament building  state that federal parliament speaker moved to the presidential palace for consulatations.

The second effort to distribute the no confidence motion against PM Abdiweli failed.

The members of federal parliament against the motion are taking closed door meeting in the parliament building.

On the other hand the MPs who tabled the motion against the PM are planning to take similar meeting in Nasa Hablood 2 hotel late today Goobjoog reporters confirm.

More to follow.