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BREAKING: Puntland parliament sends home cabinet in majority no confidence vote

Storyline:National News
Former Galmudug President Abdikarin Guled (R) shakes hands with Puntland president Abdiweli Gaas during peace talks in Galkaayo last year. Parliament Tuesday passed a no confidence vote on President Gaas’ cabinet. File Photo: Goobjoog News

Puntland Parliament has passed a near unanimous vote to send home the government of President Abdiweli Gaas barely a year into the end of term even as the northern state prepares to mark 19 years of existence in two weeks time.

Parliament sitting in Garowe endorsed the no confidence motion on the government Tuesday with a majority (47) voting in favour of the motion while only one member voted to save the cabinet from being sent home. Nine members abstained from the vote.

The circumstances surrounding the introduction of the motion are not yet clear. Business owners have in the last one week boycotted business in many parts of Puntland owing to fake currency circulation which has adversely affected business.

Article 67 of Puntland’s constitution bestows upon the House of Representatives powers to relieve the cabinet or individual minister of office. In the event of such a vote, the President will have to table a new cabinet within 21 days for approval.

Article 67 (7) reads :If a no confidence vote is passed against the entire Cabinet, the President shall propose a new Cabinet to the House of Representatives within no more than twenty-one (21) days from the day the vote of no confidence was passed.

More to follow.