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BREAKING: ‘Tourists shot on sunbeds’ in Tunisia terror attack on hotel in Sousse


A suicide bomber has attacked a resort on the Mediterranean coast, which is popular with tourists, with reports on social media suggesting there had been gun shots fired on the beach.

One gunman is believed to have been killed and mutiple causalties are being reported.

According to unconfirmed reports, as many as 13 people have died after a gun battle between security forces and armed attackers.

Tunisian authorities said at least seven people were killed after attacks on two separate hotels.

The attack was on the Imperial Marhaba hotel, the source and local radio said.

Sousse is one of Tunisia’s most popular beach resorts, drawing visitors from Europe and neighbouring North African countries.

A British holidaymaker described hearing a large explosion followed by a chaotic scene with tourists running around the hotel.

Another tourist, Susan Rifkinds, on holiday in Sousse, said there were reports that people had been shot while sunbathing on their sunbeds.

She described how “everybody starting running in and screaming” after gunfire was heard on the beach.

She added: “It sounded like a machine gun going off…there was an explosion a little later.”

David Schofield who heard an explosion while sunbathing by the pool told Sky News: “We heard people saying there were guns on the beach and people were shooting on the beach.

“I don’t know what’s going on.

“I went to reception and they said the police have told us to get everyone inside.

“About five minutes ago I saw some people running. There are some people on the roof but I think that’s a representative from the hotel.

“No one is injured that I can see.”

Some were left to barricade themselves inside their hotels using mattresses.