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British nano drone hits £2m jackpot on Kickstarter

Storyline:Science & Tech

 Torquing Group has smashed its Kickstarter goal of £250,000 to fund its Zano drone – a selfie taking and swarming nano drone.

British tech company Torquing Group has raised over £2m on Kickstarter to fund the launch of what it bills the ‘world’s most sophisticated nano drone.’

Called Zano, the drone boasts the ability to make aerial photography and video more accessible to consumers, offering selfie-taking functions.

By the time pledging on the project came to a close on Thursday, January 8th, the team behind the mini Drone had secured a massive £2,335,119, smashing its original goal of £125,000.

The tiny drone can be controlled from a mobile app and features in flight photo and video functions and will cost £169.95 when it goes on sale later this year.

“Our goal was to make aerial photography and video capture truly accessible to everyone,” said Torquing Group’s head of marketing, Reece Crowther via the team’s Kickstarter page.

The firm however, is no stranger to the world of drones, and has been working on nano drone technology for aerospace and defence clients since 2008, reports The Guardian.

The £2.3m Kickstarter horde means that the firm can now make headway on developing its promised stretch goals, including a 360 degree and 180 degree aerial panoramic shots function, the ability to track and video capture targets, and image editing suite and swarming features to enable people to control multiple Zano drones from one device.