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Bulo- burde administration blames aid agencies of reluctance

Storyline:National News

Gajo iyo Bulo-burte

Bulo- burde administration of Hiran region stated that the aid agencies will be accountable to their work in the district.

Ahmed Abdulle Wasuge, the commissioner of Bulo-Burde district told Goobjoog FM that his administration started to review the activities of aid agencies in the district.

He accused aid agencies in the region only preferring to work with administrations in the stable parts of the country while they are reluctant to give priority to the newly seized areas especially Bula-burde, adding that he will file petition against humanitarian aid agencies in the country to inform the international donors and Somali federal government that they failed to meet the needs of the vulnerable people in the district.

The commissioner alarmed dire health condition of Bula- burde residents, suffering from combined problems including malnutrition, droughts due to delay of raining seasons and inflations caused by blockade of trade routes after clashes between Somali national forces backed by AMISOM peacekeeping troops and Al- Shabab that claimed the lives of many innocent people and huge displacement.

He underlined that many people in the district are now in desperate conditions and need urgent aid assistance from aid agencies and Somali federal government.

The commissioner urged local NGOs, the administration of Hiraan region and international aid agencies to speed up their efforts to assist the residents of Bula- burde.