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Bur-Dhubo hospital struggles with shortage of medical supplies

Storyline:National News

Bur-Dhubo Hospital is facing facing a serious shortage of drugs and medical supplies, the result of the ongoing skirmishes in the surrounding areas.

The situation, which has been worsening steadily for several months, deteriorated to an alarming level this month.

The town’s medical officers have announced a state of emergency, with the danger of acute shortages of basic medication.

TROCAIRE, an NGO that sponsored the hospital has said that it has fail to supply medicine and other equipment to the hospital due to the ongoing clashes between Somali government forces backed by AMISOM troops and Al-Shabab fighters in Gedo region.

Hussein Ali Abdulle, the manager of Bur-Dhubo hospital has told Goobjoog News that the situation was getting worse for the last few days after outbreak of diarrhoeal diseases in the area which killed one person and ten other hospitalised.

“We are already facing a severe shortage – 35 to 40 percent – of needed medicines and disposables, which impacts the treatment of the growing number of the population of the town” he said.

Somali National Army supported by African Peace-keeping Mission has been recent months advancing to Al-Shabab controlled areas.

On 22nd last month, Al-Shabab fighters have withdrawn from the town of Bardhere in south of Somalia’s Gedo region without fight after hot pressure exerted upon them.

Bardhere town used to be the largest stronghold for Al-Shabab’s top officials and its foreign jihadist fighters before they fled after heavy military assault by the Somali government forces and the African Union mission in Somalia [AMISOM].