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Canada Deporting A Somali Citizen

Storyline:National News

The Canadian government today suspends its country of citizenship from a Somali citizen man with his family for allegedly making a false name to come to the country.

A father named Yusuf Madey Mohamed said his 4 children and their mother have come to Canada in 2013, after 20 years of living in refugee camps in Kenya IFO.

He has a Kenyan passport, but it is alleged that this passport was named Farah Mohamed Abdulle.  Yusuf says he is very worried of going back with his family, and says he is going to a place where he knows his life is dangerous.

The Somali community in Canada said that they are trying to console the Canadian government to cancel yussuf’s journey with his family for going back to Kenya.  Also, the community added that the refugee camps in Kenya are normal for purchasing passports and other important things to stay in the country.

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