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Celebrations across Somalia

Storyline:National News

A celebration of 1st July which coincides with 1st July, 1960 the Independence Day for Somalia took place across the country.

In the city of Mogadishu, a spectacular event to mark the celebration took place where the President of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo led in the festival for Independence Day.

Also present were the Upper and Lower Houses members of Somali Parliament, Mayor of Mogadishu and many dignitaries from the government.

Public festivity took place in major towns including Jowhar, the regional capital of Hirshabelle State located in Middle Shabelle.

Local leaders narrated the long struggle movements of Somali freedom fighters for Independence and words of encouragement have been shared with the public.

In response the crowd cheered and ululated when great heroes of the country were mentioned.

There was an aura of joy and pleasure displayed by the crowd.