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Central Somali State formation conference kicks off on Saturday

Storyline:National News

Reports coming to Goobjoog News indicate that the Somali central state formation conference will kick off on 11th April 2015 (Saturday) in Adado town.
Reliable source reported that the conference is expected to commence on sturday and the majority of the delegates and politicians are in the town waiting the conference to begin officially.
On the other hand, the spokesman for Himin and Heyb administration Osman Mohamed Areys speaking to Goobjoog FM has earlier said that the committee, elders politician and intellectuals and other delegates have reached Adadot own.
“The technical committee and other delegates including intellectuals, elders arrived the town” Mr. Areys said.

He reiterated that the administration of Himan and Heb has finalized its preparations to open the conference in Adado adding that they have tightened the security of the town.
The committee will facilitate the opening of the conference of establishing an inclusive regional state for Galgadud and Mudug regions.