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Chamber of Commerce dismisses suspension order by trade ministry

Storyline:Business, National News
Mahmoud Abdikarin Gabeyre addressing delegates after his re-election as Somali Chamber of Commerce chair. Photo:Goobjoog Business|March 9, 2017

Somali Chamber of Commerce has termed the order by the ministry of trade to suspend it as illegal noting it had not received the directive.

Speaking to the media in Mogadishu, the general director Abdi Abshir Dhore said the board members were duly elected by the public and they can only lose power through them.

“We are speaking to the media because of a document which reached us through the Somali media houses. It was sent by the federal ministry of Commerce and Industry. Unfortunately it was directed to media rather than us containing the lack of recognition by the ministry towards the board of the Somali Chamber of Commerce” said Dhore.

The ministry of trade in a letter Sunday announced the suspension of the chamber citing disagreements between the chamber and the business community.

“We are part of the Somali civil society and a member of the SOSCENSA umbrella where a member of this organization cannot be appointed or removed by power of by federal ministry of Commerce and Industry. Unfortunately the document from the ministry has no logo and reference number,” said Dhore.

On 6/5/2017 a decree came from the office of the Prime Minister containing full information of the election process of the Somali Chamber of Commerce including the reports forwarded to his office by the two deputy ministers and terming the election process was free and fair added Dhore.

The chamber, Dhore said it was in the process of extending its activities beyond Mogadishu.

“We were in the middle of discussion on how to invest on two big roads by the Somali business community in Hobyo, Galmug state and the other in eastern side of Puntland state.”