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Chennai doctors give new lease of life to girl from Somalia


Frontier Lifeline HospitalCHENNAI: Surgeons at a private hospital in Chennai gave a new lease of life to a six-year-old girl from Somalia, who was suffering from a complex heart problem.

Mourino Mohammed from Muqdisho, the capital of Somalia, had been suffering from severe heart problems since birth. Repeated visits to hospitals in Somalia did not yield any help.

Doctors there could not diagnose the problem and she was referred to Dr K M Cherian and Frontier Lifeline Hospital. A team of experts who ran tests on her found that she had a hole in her heart and her mitral valve was also damaged.

Speaking about the treatment, Dr K M Cherian, CEO of the hospital, said, “She was suffering from a congenital defect. We performed a surgery to repair the hole in her heart and also fixed the leak in her mitral valve a week ago.”

After resting for few days, the patient’s condition had stabilized and she would be going home soon, said the doctor.

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