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Chief Justice Says Arrested Citizens Cannot Be Held More 48 Hours

Storyline:National News

Ilka XanafSomalia Chief Justice Aideed Ilka Hanaf cautioned against holding citizens more than 48 hours without court appearance.

“In the law the police has the authority to make arrests, other agencies can help in information gathering, and arrested citizen cannot be held more than 48 hours, they should refer him to a judge” says Aideed.

“There is no such thing of mass arrests in the book of law” said the Chief Justice pointing out that the person can only be arrested with a very genuine case if the country is not under emergency law “We operate like we are under emergency law without the emergency degree” he adds.

Commenting on recent issue raised by the Prosecutor’s office that most of the people in jail are from minority communities, the chief justice said “That is unprofessionalism to say such words in the media, that for politicians to say”.

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