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Cholera Outbreak in Wanlaweyn district of Lower Shabelle Region Somalia

Storyline:National News

The cholera outbreak is reported from Wanlaweyn district in Lower Shabelle region and has displaced many people from their homes.

Mohamed Abdullahi Omar, deputy finance minister for the local administration, told Goobjoog News that the death toll is currently up to seven people.

He also pointed out that the flood water of the Shabelle River near the area has caused the outbreak of the cholera.

The cholera spread is expected to increase due to the flood that has led to contamination of water sources in the flood-affected regions.

Omar also said that, so many people in the district are also suffering from malaria, and there is no adequate medicine for these people.

“It is very important for the federal government of Somalia and the Humeniterians to take part of helping the people in the region,” he said.

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