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CIC hails Senate for mediation efforts over row with FGS

State leaders L-R: Mohamed Ware (HirShabelle) Sharif Adan (South-West) Ahmed Madobe (Jubbaland) and Abdiweli Gaas (Puntland) address the media Oct 31, 2017 in Mogadishu. Photo: SONNA

Federal states under the Council for Inter-Governmental Cooperation (CIC) has lauded efforts by the Senate in mediating the conflict between the federal government and states.

In a statement Thursday, CIC said it supported the efforts of the Senate in finding a lasting solution to the political dispute which has seen states severe ties with Mogadishu.

“The Council of the Inter-Governmental Cooperation is ready to support the Upper House to fulfill its mandate, especially the strengthening of the state representation, which is the constitutional responsibility of the Upper House,” CIC said.

The Council also applauded the Senate for the visits to the federal states where Senators engaged state government leadership, civil society and members of the public in late September.

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The Senate raised the red flag Tuesday over the ongoing political row in Galmudug which has seen the state leadership divided into two factions. One faction is allied to the state president Ahmed Haaf while the other affiliates with state assembly speaker Ali Asir. There were reports that both sides were issuing letters of dismissal to state government employees.

“The actions taken by both parties to the political conflict is unacceptable because it is destroying the institutions of the state (Parliament and Executive). This is happening as the Senate is mediating to find a lasting solution between the Federal Government and Federal Member States,” the Senate Committee said.

The CIC Thursday reiterated its call on the federal government to cease interference with the federal states and in particular Galmudug which has been saddled in vicious political row since its decision last July to back the Saudi-UAE axis in the ongoing Gulf Crisis.