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Civil Society Applauds Yesterday’s Parliament Vote

Storyline:National News

ShirwacNon State Actors of Somalia best known for its acronym SOSCENSA, has called the parliament’s approval of PM Omar Abdirashid request for extension, a patriotic act at a time when the country is in the state of political crises.

“It’s a good step, but I know any delay will dash the people’s hopes and admirations” said Abdullahi Mohamed Shirwa of SOSCENSA

He called on the prime minister to name the remaining ministers from sectors of the society, while he requested from the MPs to pass the upcoming cabinet.

On the other hand Professor Yahye Ali Ibrahim of SIU University said that he believes that the new cabinet ministers are enough competitive to steer the country into developments.

He also noted the fact that the new ministers are youth; they could be trusted with their assigned duties.

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