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Cleaning campaign launched in Baidoa

Storyline:National News

A cleaning campaign was launched in Adado town to beautify and sanitize the town, according to officials.

A well organized ceremony to kick off the cleaning campaign was held the town has seen attendance by District assistant, Noor yarrow Hayle nd other dignitaries.

Speaking at the ceremony deputy, said that the administration carrying out efforts to spruce up the town.

“This is good start and i call upon all Adado residents to take part efforts to beautify the town, we are waiting nobody to build our town for us” he said.

He highlighted that the exercise is aimed at cleaning and collecting garbage from market places and streets in order to restore the image of the town.

The deputy noted that the campaign would continue for days till confirmed the removal of the heap of garbage in the town.

“This campaign will play very important role in the process to beautify Adado town and this will be continuous till we make sure that town is cleaned” he said.

He added that the campaign would make a big difference in the sanitary conditions in the town and will bring back the beauty of the town.
Adado town is hosting tons of garbage lying in the streets and in the centre of the town.
The town’s municipality has been conducting workshops to public awareness and was trying to collect the rubbish using hired trucks as the local government has no trucks.