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Coalition forces advancing to Alshabab stronghold city of Bardere.

Storyline:National News
Bardere Bridge
Bardere Bridge

Somali National army and African Peacekeeping troops continue their advance towards Bardere, one of the last two remaining main cities under Alshabab rule.

The allied forces getting hand from locals and Jubbaland Interim Administration are reported to have been advancing from three directions to the city as Alshabab fighters started to flee nearby villages.

A Somali military commissioner confirmed to the media that there have been some small scale clashes between Alshabab and allied forces and he mentioned no causalities.

Meanwhile Mahmoud Sayid Adan, a politician who is travelling with allied forces told to Goobjoog News that they are at the edge of recovering Bardere from what he termed ‘terror groups from the city’.

“We underlined in Adis Ababa meeting that the first priority should be to wrest all of Gedo region from Alshabab terror organization and now as part of our plan, our focus is Bardere and then we go to remaining parts of the region under the influence of Alshabab.”

Bardere is an important agricultural and business city with estimated population of 200,000 and Alshabab have generated a lot of money from livestock in form of zakawat (taxes) to run the group.

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