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Col. Osman: “The Government Forces in Gedo Killed Al-Shabab Ring Leader”

Storyline:National News





At least three people died after Somali National Army (SNA) and Al-Shabab fighters engaged in armed confrontation on the outskirt of Bur-Dubo town of Gedo region on Thursday.
The fighting which lasted for hours reportedly embarked after Al-Shabab fighters launched an ambush attack on Somali military convoy heading Bur-Dubo town.
The military have resisted the group according to Somali Army.
Osman Nooh Haji, Somali military officer who gave exclusive interview to Goobjoog FM claimed that they killed three Al-Shabab members including senior Al-Shabab official.
“Al-Shabab fighters attacked us but we resisted and overpowered them, they ran away leaving behind three bodies, among those we killed is Mohamed Musa who was ring leader of the group living in that area” Nooh said.
Al-Shabab did not yet commented on the claims made by Somali military.