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COL. Roobow ““It is good to discard traitors from the patriots”

Storyline:National News

After Somali government arrested 11 officials including senior police officers and intelligence officials whom were accused of being the shirkers during the attacks carried out by Al-Shabaab fighters in the capital city of Somalia, Mogadishu, Goobjoog News interviewed Hussein Mohamed Roobow, who is military expert, over these allegations.
Hussein said that it is possible that there might be some officials in the government forces who are traitors and work with other agencies for personal interest.
“When late Barre’s regime was toppled , the country swam into a pull of confusion and chaos, the security and spy agencies have got damaged therefore, there was no competent government for about twenty plus years which led the nation to become a hideout for different foreign agencies and other organizations who sucked blood of these innocent Somali people” said Roobow.
He added “When transitional governments of Abdullahi Yussuf and Sheikh Shariif emerged, there were so many officials ranked based on their clan or due to interest of  foreign elements, without much knowing their background”
Mr. Robbow welcomed the decision to investigate these officials saying “It is good to discard traitors from the patriots”
He pointed out the potential risk it possesses when some of the government officials work with other agencies which are against the government.
Somali government did not yet detail fully the allegations but probes are underway.
Reports indicate that officials who have been detained and are being investigated for allegedly shirking their responsibilities during the Al-Shabab attack on Hotel SYL, which is close to the Presidential Palace.