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Colonel Mohamud Elmi Gulaafe Explains Crime Records In Galmudug State

Storyline:National News

col Maxamuud-Cilmi-GulaafeThe police commander of the administration of Galmudug State Colonel Mohamud Elmi Gulaafe gave speech at 71st anniversary of the Somali Police today at Galkayo. He Colonel said that they have so far registered more than 1090 cases this year, these cases include , killing, robbery, and others.

According to the commander , of all the cases they recorded, 730 cases bare submitted to the courts , while 140 other cases were solved through negotiation process and under Somali customary law.

The president of Galmudug administration Abdi Awale Qeybdid, his self the former chief of Somali Police, spoke at the ceremony commending the work of the police force . The president said the police force is the oldest organ of the armed forces of Somalia saying “that is why they call them the mother of the Somali armed force”.

He congratulated all the police officers from rank and file to highest ranking officers , their families and children. He wished them good luck for these festivities.

The Somali Police Force was formed in the 20th December, 1943 while the country was under the colonial rule, making this force the first sign of government in Somalia.

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