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Comoros President Pledges Unity, Growth During Inauguration


MORONI, Xinhua: President of the Comoros Azali Assoumani, who took office Sunday in the capital of Moroni, pledged to build a “united and solidary” nation.

“In my capacity as President of the Republic of the Comoros, guarantor of the institutions and first defender of the national interest, I will do my utmost to guarantee the peace, security, national cohesion and territorial integrity of our country,” Azali said in his inauguration speech.

Azali was re-elected president in the first round of the Comoros presidential election held on Jan. 14. According to the final electoral results proclaimed by the Supreme Court, Azali secured 99,541 votes, or 57.02 percent of the votes cast.

Expressing gratitude to the Comorians, he said he will strive to achieve strong economic growth to position the country among emerging economies by 2030.

During the past years, the Comoros has managed to achieve economic growth of around three percent, with an aim to reach five percent or more over the next five years, he noted.