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Constituent Assembly endorses Jubbaland charter in Kismayo

Storyline:National News

In a well attended ceremony, witnessed by dignitaries from federal government, Puntland, former national leaders and international community, constituent assembly has passed unanimously the newly drafted Jubbaland charter.

The exercise was funded and facilitated by Somalia Stability Fund (SSF) the multi – donor fund with variety of contributors form Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, EU, UAE and the UK.

Some 300 delegates from the 15 districts of the three regions under Jubbaland, namely Lower Jubba, Middle Jubba and Gedo took part in the 4 days process which allowed them to read the document and discuss in groups.

One delegate has told Goobjoog that they did a number of amendments and addition to the draft which was also put to a wide public consultation throughout the regions.

Among the key figures attended the ceremony was Federal Constitution Minister Mohamed Sheik Hassan, this happened despite differences between Jubbaland and federal government.

Jubbaland has declined to attend the High Level Partnership conference held in Mogadishu between 29 to 30th July, 2015. The internationally backed Compact Deal has component of the constitutional development.

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