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Constituent Assembly opens in Kismayo to adopt Jubbaland charter

The newly drafted Jubbaland provisional charter will be put to a vote by a constituent assembly in Kismayo today, with delegates expected to endorse the document.

Some 300 delegates from 15 districts of Jubbaland are attending the two days convention in Kismayo according to an organizing committee member who spoke to Goobjoog News.

The draft regional constitution was put into wide ranging public consultation, and residents as remote as Dolow had the opportunity to have their say like things of the presidential term in office, the number of cabinet ministers and so on.

Jubbaland president Ahmed Mohamed Islam has recently signed the draft copy in a ceremony held in Kismayo, attended by Somali Stability Fund officials, which is the funding agency of the exercise.

The administration has deferred with federal government over a vote of no confidence passed by the federal parliament against the Jubbaland assembly.

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