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Constitutional Affairs ministry engages stakeholders in developing civic education strategies

Storyline:National News
Constitutional Affairs minister Abdirahman Jibril (Far right,standing) oversees plenary session in day two of consultative conference August 8, 2017. Photo: courtesy

A consultative conference on developing civil education and outreach strategies on the constitutional review process entered the second day in Mogadishu today under the auspices of the Constitutional Affairs Ministry.

The ministry said the conference will engage various stakeholders in the review process to develop a unified civic education framework which will be adopted for use as the review process continues.

“Today it’s our pleasure as a Ministry to open this meeting in Mogadishu meant to lay down strategies on civic education and constitutional review. We were capable together with the Ministry’s personnel to prepare the strategies but we opted to share with the regional governments and the civil society on their inputs,’ Constitutional Affairs minister Abdirahman Hosh Jibril said yesterday during the official opening of the conference.

The conference will today involve members of the civil society drawn from various parts of the country. The constitutional review process is expected to be completed in time to pave way for the one person one vote in 2020. Upon completion of the review, the supreme document will be subjected to a referendum for final public vote before it is promulgated officially by the President.

The Federal Parliament yesterday appointed Senator Abdi Hassan Qebydiid as chair of the joint Constitutional Review Committee made up of ten members from the Senate and the Lower House. Female legislators however protested the election and walked out after it emerged committee was made up of male lawmakers only.