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Our role is critical in nation building, youth meeting in Galmudug underscore

Storyline:National News

A meeting on youth participation in politics facilitated by Somali Ministry for Youth in cooperation with Galmudug Youth ministry  was held in Adado town on Friday.

Main issues affecting the youth in Galmudug State discussed ranged from role of youth in politics, unemployment, social vices, access to relevant education and lack of meaningful engagement on issues that affect them.

Over 70 Somali youth were brought together  who discussed the relevance and importance of participation of the youth towards the functioning of the Somalia political system.

Aruuse Moalim Mohamed, who is the chairman of Galmudug Youth Association, underlined the crucial part the youth who account for 70% of the population play in Somalia.

“The agenda of this initiative  is to pursue justice, equitable and progressive society in which young people fully enjoy social, economic and political rights and opportunities for the youths” said Mohamed.

He added “As youths we have suffered and have been used by anti-peace groups like Al-Shabab to kill, maim and displace our own mothers, siblings and relatives.”

Representatives from both ministries said that they recognize the importance of the Somali youth in nation building and encouraged them to unite in order to speak with one voice and face the challenges facing them as a block.

“You are a very important entity of the society. If you want to live in peace in your country and get an education and ultimately a better life you need to now invest in peace. You are the strongest physically, please use your energy and power in a constructive way and spread the message of peace to Somalia so that you all enjoy peace in every part of Somalia. I wish to also congratulate you for working with your the authorities and helping make your areas peaceful,” a director from Somali ministry for youth and Sports who participated the meeting.

Somali youths have become victim of the ongoing conflict because some were forcefully conscripted by groups like Al-Shabaab.