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Copenhagen: Denmark to host High Level Partnership Forum on Somalia

Storyline:National News

Denmark will host the international High Level Partnership Forum on Somalia – a Ministerial Meeting, co-chaired by Somalia and the United Nations. The goal is to bring together Somalia and its international partners among governments and international organisations to promote the vision of a peaceful, stable and democratic Somalia.

Denmark will host a Ministerial Meeting on Somalia on the 19-20 November 2014 in Copenhagen. The meeting, co-chaired by Somalia and the United Nations, will follow up on the ambitious Somali Compact endorsed in Brussels last September. Gathering up to 60 delegations and 300 international participants from a wide range of countries and international organisations, the meeting aims to pave the way for a more peaceful and stable Somalia.

The Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Martin Lidegaard, says:

“The meeting is part of the efforts to promote peace and stability in Somalia. Decades of conflict in Somalia have had terrible consequences for the civilian population, and the country has become a battleground for violent extremism. Therefore, we have to offer our support. I hope we will agree in Copenhagen on how best to support Somalia in becoming a more peaceful, democratic and stable country.”

The Danish Minister for Trade and Development Cooperation, Mogens Jensen, says:

“Somalia is facing immense political, security and humanitarian challenges. For over twenty years, the country has suffered from civil war, famine, epidemics, refugee flows, piracy and terrorism. As better times lie ahead, Denmark is ready to work with Somalia and the international community in order to create concrete results for the Somali population. Somalia needs rebuilding with health clinics, schools and roads.”

Denmark contributes DKK 200 million annually to development and stabilisation efforts in Somalia. This includes developing the judiciary, encouraging growth and employment, combating piracy as well as security efforts. The purpose is to contribute to a stable Somalia capable of taking care of its own security, and to boost sustainable economic and social development. In addition, Denmark provides substantial humanitarian support related to the crisis in Somalia. In 2014, Denmark has so far granted DKK 63 million in humanitarian aid and a further DKK 10 million for urgent interventions.

Denmark’s future engagement in Somalia will be outlined in a new country policy paper, expected to be ready by the end of 2014. The engagement will be based on the five Peace and Statebuilding Goals of the Somali Compact: Inclusive Politics, Security, Justice, Economic Foundations and Revenue and Services.