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Council of Ministers Discusses Security, Government Agenda and Asisstance to Victims of Central Hotel Bombing

Storyline:National News

Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke today chaired the weekly meeting of the Council Ministers. The Council was briefed on the security situation in the country and the Government’s agenda for 2015-2016. Prime Minister Sharmarke was also provided with an update on the state of the victims of the malicious attack on the Central Hotel last Friday.
Internal Security Minister Abdirisaq Omar updated the Council on the ongoing investigations into the attack and a profile of the attackers. Minister Abdirisaq also informed that his Ministry was currently finalizing a security policy aimed at securing key installations and public sites.
“We will now be releasing security guidelines and operating procedures including the stopping and searching of vehicles and persons entering public areas,” said the Minister.
The Minister of Health, Hawo Hassan also informed the Council on the health sector’s efforts on how to improve emergency preparedness and the aftermath support to be provided to victims of the bombing.
Prime Minister Sharmarke called on all Ministers to double their efforts in ensuring that the Government met its key goals outlined in Vision 2016 and appointed the Ministry of Planning and International Co-operation to coordinate the international efforts and support for the administration’s work.