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Court Sentences Soldier to Death Over civilian Killings in Baidoa

Storyline:National News

Somalia’s military court has on Friday sentenced a government soldier dead after convicting of killings against innocent civilians  in a broad-daylight in Baidoa, court officials said.

Col. Hassan Ali Nur Shute, Somalia’s military court chief said that Bayaan Ibrahim Mursal  was sentenced to death after was found guilty of murdering a civilian in Baidoa town.

Mr. Hassan told journalists that the court found evidences that soldier had committed the crimes in which he has been accused for.

 Meanwhile, Somalia’s military court chief stressed that the defendant can take appeal from the military court over the sentence death weather he is not happy on the court verdict.

In Somalia, military court often sentences government soldiers to death after accusing them of killing against civilians and soldiers in broad-daylight in Mogadishu.