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COVID-19 related deaths in Mogadishu surpass 500-mayor

Storyline:National News

The number of deaths as a result of COVID-19 in Mogadishu alone could be over 500, city mayor Omar Filish (pictured) has said amid fears the disease was ravaging families silently as the government puts the death toll at less than 30.

In what could confirm similar claims by medical workers, gravediggers and families in the last few weeks, the mayor, who has in the past warned of higher death toll than officially reported said Friday the city administration had recorded at least 500 deaths related to COVID-19.

“Since April 19, we have recorded about 500 COVID-19 related deaths in Banaadir region,” Filish said as the number of the official positive cases stand at 601. The Federal Government has maintained silence on the number of tests.

However, a report carried by Al Jazeera this week put the number of tests at 764 as of April 25 with 480 of this turning out positive.

According to Filish who is also the governor of Banaadir region, health authorities have been recording between 17 and 49 deaths a day since April 19.

There have been concerns widely shared but unofficially by medical workers that the number of deaths especially in homes were far higher than reported with the majority being elderly people. A video circulated on social media this week showed several graves awaiting bodies in one of the cemeteries in the city.