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Crime Watch April 2015: April records lower death toll than March but killings still high

Storyline:National News, World

crime watchDespite remarkable efforts in restoring peace and order in the country following years of instability and run away insecurity, wanton killings still dominate the headlines in various parts of the country.
In light of this, Goobjoog News has undertaken an initiative to document killings and numbers of those injured every month under the Crime Watch Project which seeks to promote justice and constitutional rights of the citizens.
We may not be able to document all the killings or cases of injuries due to the scarce resources and sometimes lack of access to the affected areas in the country. Lack of basic institutions in the country such as hospitals, mortuaries and police services which ideally gather such information is also an impediment to getting accurate and up to date data.
According to our records, 69 people were killed and 47 others wounded in the month of April 2015. This is a decrease from the month of March which recorded 74 deaths and 49 people injured.
The demographic distribution of the victims is diverse including government officials, business people, journalists and ordinary people among others.
The following is the chronology of events in the month of April:
April 1st 2015: Police kill one suspect in Abdalla-Shideye of Bakaro Market
April 1st 2015: Forces of self-declared Westland State gun down two suspected Al-Shabaab members at Howl-Wadag in Baladwein town.
April 2nd 2015: The body of a girl is found dead in Hilwa district of Mogadishu. The circumstances of the death remain unknown
April 4th 2015: Two people are killed in two separate attacks carried out by unidentified gunmen armed with pistols in Wadajir district of Mogadishu.
April 6th 2015: Somaliland minister for defense confirms that one of the soldiers killed his colleague and injured another after an argument.
April 6th 2015: Unknown people armed with AK47 rifles kill two persons and injured another one after opening fire on them in Gadoob locality, Dhusa-Mareb. The injured man is rushed to hospital in the capital for treatment.
April 7th 2015: Eight people are injured in separate bomb blasts in Mudug region. Deputy Commissioner, Ahmed Muse in the region escapes a land mine buried on a toll station while travelling
April 7th 2015: Unknown gunmen armed gun down Engineer Abdullahi Ali Barre at Ali-Kamin suburb in Mogadishu.
April 9th 2015: One of the sons of former president of semi-autonomous regional State of Puntland, Abdirahman Sheikh Mohamed allegedly kills his mother, Amina Abiib Elmi. The motive of the alleged murder is unknown.
April 10th 2015: State Media photojournalist Farhan Suleiman Dahir is shot in the head by two gunmen armed with pistols. He is rushed to Madina hospital for treatment.
April 11th 2015: Two soldiers are killed in Wardhigley district after unidentified gunmen stalked them for some time.
April 14th 2015: At least 18 are killed and 15 others injured when Al-Shabab fighters attacked ministry for higher education building which is located in a KM5, Mogadishu. They launch explosions on the wall of the compound before storming in. Police respond quickly and all militants are killed.
April 18th 2015: Unidentified gunmen in a car shoot and kill one of Puntland’s Member of Parliament Adan Haji Hussein alias Adan Yare at close range in drive-by shooting. The attackers flee from the scene right away.
April 18th 2015: Two government soldiers are shot dead in Wadajir district by unknown gunmen who later on manage to escape from the scene.
April 19th 2015: One soldier is killed and another injured following attack by unidentified gun men in Dhusa-Mareb town.
April 20th 2015: At least 8 people half of them foreigners are killed and 7 others injured in an attack on a UN vehicle in Garowe, the capital of semi-autonomous regional state of Puntland.
April 20th 2015: Government soldiers shoots dead an auto-rickshaw driver at Taleh junction in Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia.
April 21st 2015: A car bomb kills at least nine people and leaves seven others wounded in an attack at a Banoda restaurant in Mogadishu.
April 21, 2015: At least five people are killed following a clan fighting which broke up in Taleh town, northern Somalia
April 25, 2015: Former Federal Member of Parliament Haji Ali Adan is shot dead by unidentified young men armed with pistols inside Bakara market
April 25, 2015: Government soldier who murdered a civilian in Bulla-Hawo is killed in retaliation shooting.
April 26, 2015: Armed assailants shoot and kill custodian corps commander Abdullahi Kamal Ismael at KPP junction in Mogadishu’s Hodan district.
April 26, 2015: Hussein Abdi, Hamar Jajab municipality official escapes unhurt in pre-planned assassination before dusk prayers.
April 26, 2015: Deputy Commissioner of Mogadishu’s Dayniile district Ibrahim Mohamed Barise instantly is killed in gun attack.
April 28, 2015: At least two women are injured after a car belonging to Nordic International Support officer fitted with explosives detonates in Galkacyo town according to a police officer in that town. The owner of the car Mohamed Abdirahman Dhaban-Ad, who is believed to have been the intended target survives the blast.
April 30, 2015: Radio journalist Daud Ali Omar and his wife is killed in southern-central city of Baidoa. The two were killed while sleeping when gunmen entered their home. The gunmen also kill a young man around the area and escape from the scene.
April 30, 2019: One person is killed and five others injured when an unknown assailant hurls a grenade at then in a busy street in Bosaso town, in semi-autonomous region of Puntland
April 30, 2019: Food and Agriculture Organisation, FAO officer from Spain and his driver die in a car crash in the breakaway region of Somaliland.