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Crime Watch: Number of People Killed in Somalia in December, 2014

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crime watchSomalia has been ravaged by civil war over 20 years, so killing people has become the norm whether they are innocent or guilty, with reason or without reason. Moreover there is very limited justice served or most of the time no justice is served when a person is killed.

Therefore Goobjoog has undertaken an initiative to document those killed every month under our Crime Watch Project which promotes justice and constitutional rights of the citizens.

We may not be able to document all those killed due to the scarce resources and sometimes lack of access to the affected areas in the country and also lack of basic institutions in the country like hospitals, mortuaries and police service which usually gathers information about the dead.

According to our records there were 111 people killed in the month of December, 2014 and this is three times higher than the crimes we recorded in November, 2014.

In the average, there is more than 9 persons killed every day in Somalia in the month of December, 2014. There was one major suicide bombing in Baidao town which killed more than 10 people.

The makeup of people killed in December are as usual, they include are high ranking officials serving in the government; business people, religious people, women, journalists and government soldiers.

  1. December 3, 2014: At least four people were killed, including Intelligence officers after suicide bomber ramped up at a UN convoy near the airport.
  2. December 4, 2014: A Businesswoman called Hersiyo got killed in the Elasha locality outside the capital, Mogadishu.
  3. December 4, 2014: Gun men attack a car carrying Somali MP, they killed a former MP Liban Abdullahi Noor and two others, they also wounded the current MP Hon. Mayow Mustafa. This happened at Hamarweyne district, Mogadishu.
  4. December 4, 2014: Armed men with army fatigues killed a young man who was harvesting banana plantation near Afgoi, Lower Shabelle.
  5. December 5, 2014: 15 people were killed and 20 others wounded including journalists when a suicide bomber struck at coffee shop in Baidoi , Bay Region.
  6. December 6, 2014: Gunmen killed the district commissioner for Burhakaba, Bay Region after ambushing him while he was on a road trip between Burhakaba and Baidoa. Killed with him are other government officials traveling with him, but we could not confirm how many they were.
  7. December 6, 2014: Two young female university students from Plasma University were run over by a police car, Mogadishu killing one and wounded the other.
  8. December 8 , 2014 : Businessman Aweys Ahmed Jis was killed in Suk Ba’ad Market, Mogadishu
  9. December 10 , 2014 : Al-shabab militias behead two women working for government forces near Tiyeeglow district, Bakol Region; this prompted the killing of 5 other women in a revenge move by Somalia soldiers who accused the women of being the wives of Al-Shabab fighters.
  10. December 10, 2014: Ibrahim Mohamud Hamud, the acting president for Simad University in Mogadishu was killed by unknown in Hodan district, Mogadishu.
  11. December 11, 2014: 11 died and more than hundred hospitalized when people drunken contaminated water from a well in Jungle suburb of Yaqshid district, Mogadishu.
  12. December 11, 2014: AU peacekeeping troops in Somalia shoots died three civilians in Marko Town, Lower Shabelle.
  13. December 12, 2014 : Omar Hassan who was the command of government forces in Hawadley location in Middle Shabelle was killed in confrontation between his forces and unidentified militias
  14. December 13, 2014: Koranic teacher Mohamed Husen Osman was beheaded Qandho Location, 50km from Buule Burde Town of Hiran.
  15. December 13, 2014: AMISOM armored vehicle overruns a boy ay Bar Fiat, near KM 0 , Mogadishu, the boy died.
  16. December 13, 2014: Mohamed Abdisitar Sheik Mohayadin, a football coach and government official was killed in Dharkenley District, Mogadishu.
  17. December 15, 2014: A mother kills her daughter in Karan district after she discovered that the daughter is marrying again the husband who divorced her three times before, exceeding the Islamic limit for a marriage to be renewed after divorce. Islam allows men to divorce their wives partially for three times and get married each time within a prescribed period.
  18. December 15, 2014: An attack was carried out on a passenger car at Harar Danyer, 20km from Lasanod, Sool Region, one passenger died and two others wounded.
  19. December 16, 2014: A retaliatory attack kills 3 people south of Lasanod town, Sool region where one passenger was killed the previous day.
  20. December 19 , 2014 : A government soldiers shoots dead two civilians in Jalalaqsi town, Hiran region, authorities apprehended the soldier for military court prosecutions.
  21. December 20 , 2014 : Omar Hassan Dhiblawe and Qooje Ibrahim Farah were killed in Black Sea suburb of Mogadishu, they were both employed by the Mogadishu local government, particularly the neighborhood programe.
  22. December 20, 2014: A bomb went off from rubbish dumping site in Kismayo, Lower Jubba killing one person and wounding two others. Authorities said this was a plot to derail general cleaning exercise.
  23. December 21, 2014: Farhan Ali Had, deputy mayor for Galkacyo, Puntland , has sustained serious injuries from an explosion detonated on his car.
  24. December 23, 2014: Gunmen attack Col. Yasin Nor Gas aka Rader, one of the founders of Jubbaland administration, the Colonel sustained heavy injuries on the legs and forehead.
  25. December 23, 2014: Two young men were killed a location 20km out of Garbaharey, capital city of Gedo region.
  26. December 25, 2014: A man called Ahmed Aden was killed at Industrial Road, Mogadishu.
  27. December 25, 2014: Heavily armed Al-Shabab fighters breached security gates of AU main base Halane in Mogadishu, attackers has detonated a vehicle they were driving and there was a running battle between peacekeeping soldiers and the fighters for a period, in the end the attack claimed the lives of 10 people including 4 of the attackers.
  28. December 26, 2014: The body of women was found on the beaches of Kismayo, lower Jubba, the young women was reportedly missing for three weeks.
  29. December 27, 2014: At least 8 people died after two mini buses collided on each other at 13km outside Mogadishu, this has been described as negligence driving and could lead to criminal prosecutions in other parts of the world.
  30. December 27, 2014: 5 passengers die after the car they were traveling came under fire from Al-shabab fighters in Bakol region. Al-shabab accused the car of breaking a siege they laid on government held areas in Bakol region.
  31. December 27, 2014: 3 people died as a result of car accidents across the capital and 18 others wounded. This is due to negligence driving by reckless drivers who don’t obey the traffic rules.
  32. December 28, 2014: Armed men killed one civilian at a rural location 30km from Harardhere, Mudug region.
  33. December 28, 2014: 7 people were killed after Al-shabab gunmen attacked a car they were travelling on near Hudur, capital city of Bakol region.
  34. December 29 , 2014 : The 8th person was killed areas surrounding Harardhere, Mudug, in three days period, this is a tribal revenge killings.
  35. December 30, 2014: Gunmen killed a recent young female university graduate named Maryam Ahmed Boote.
  36. December 30 , 2014 : Gunmen killed Omar Hassan Warsheekh in Suq Bacad market, Mogadishu.
  37. December 30, 2014 : Ahmed Mohamed Goobe got killed in Suuq Bacad market, Mogadishu. Motive unknown.


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