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Dalha: Somali government is not aware of the problems of Somali nationals in world prisons

Storyline:National News

The parliamentary foreign committee accused that the federal government of Somalia for failed to consider the problems Somali nationals face in prisons around the world.

The vice chairman of the committee Mohamed Omar Dalha told Goobjoog FM through telephone that their side went round and visited many prisons to oversee the situation of the prisoners.

Mr. Dalha stated that the committee’s priority is to pass the full information to the parliament and the federal government to take immediate action to deport the prisoners to serve their remaining sentences back at home.

There are more than 1500 convicted Somali pirates in prisons around the world with no good care.

United Nations has opened Garowe prison for the deported Somali pirates to serve their terms in the country, Puntland president abdiweli Gaas has officially opened the prison.