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Dalha: “ top government leaders will be accountable of the problems created by federalism”

Storyline:National News

DalhaA member of federal parliament stated that top government leaders will be accountable of the problems created by federalism in the country adding that many local communities in the country are not in good terms due to federal system that is new to the country.

The deputy chairman of parliamentary committee of foreign affairs of federal parliament Mohamed Omar Dalha told Goobjoog FM that Somali top leaders have taken decisions that will lead to more problems and hostilities between Somali communities.

Mr. Dalha stated that Somali leaders are trying to please some people instead of giving priority to the common interest and this may hamper the achievements of the government on federalism process.

The MP called the people of Lower Shabelle to reject any administration from Baidoa either the three regions or the six regions where each claim Lower Shabelle to be part of its administration.

His remarks comes a time when MPs, intellectuals and clan elders clearly opposed how Somali government has faced the establishment of regional administrations.

Federal government of Somalia on 23rd June presided an agreement between two parallel regional administrations in Baidoa to form an inclusive administration consisting of three regions Bay, Bakol and Lower Shabelle a move which was hailed by international community.