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Danish Refugee Council (DRC) distributes food aid to Yemen returnees in Baledweyn

Storyline:National News

A Demark-based NGO, Danish Refugee Council (DRC) has distributed aid assistance including food, utensils, mats, traditional cookers, water-tanks and mattresses to tens of Somali returnees from Yemen in Baledweyn.

For last three days DRC has distributing food and other essential things to these people as confirmed by the chairman of the camp.

“We have been experiencing tougher life conditions here with no one coming to help us for nearly months” said the chairman.

This was the first such aid assistance by DRC and was benefitted by nearly hundred of vulnerable people including disabled, starving children and as well as elderly people.

Baledweyn Mayor Omar Adan Baadiyow said that his administration was very grateful to DRC for coming to help the returnees from Yemen in the district including some who were on the verge of starving to death.

“Taking advantage from this opportunity I would like to call on other aid organization to follow behind the steps of DRC” the mayor said adding that his administration will guarantee the safety of the aid workers in his territory.