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Dawn to dusk curfew imposed on just recovered Bardere

Storyline:National News

baardheereAMISOM troops and Somali National Army has imposed dawn to curfew in Bardere which the forces have recovered only in yesterday from Alshabab fighters.

Col. Abbas Ibrahim Gurey of SNA has told Goobjoog News that the curfew is intended to secure the city and prevent from any ambush.

The small number of residents who remained in the city stayed indoors and only few has ventured into the streets as majority of the residents fled as troops advanced to the city.

Consolidating Bardere

According to Gurey, the troops are trying hard to consolidate their gains against Alshabab and would soon address the residents in public to convey massage of peace.

Alshabab withdrew the city yesterday ahead of imminent offensive by AMISOM and SNA, they have been controlling the city for more than 7 years.

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